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Name:Molly Hooper [Sherlock]
Birthdate:Sep 6
Canon: I can work from any canon-point, but I'll probably default to post-S3.


Molly Hooper works as both a morgue attendant and lab technician at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London. She 'assists' Sherlock from her job at the hospital; he often comes to her to examine corpses, run lab tests, and borrow remains for experiments. She has a fierce crush (though depending on canon point it's beginning to wane) upon the consulting detective, and whether he realizes it or not, he has used her feelings for him to his benefit for cases.

Though she has a youthful face, Molly is a surprisingly thirty-one, and often jokes that she's on her way to becoming a crazy cat lady. She would love a relationship, but she's content to wait until the right bloke finds her. She does have a tendency to get flustered around men she fancies, though Sherlock is apparently her worst case scenario in terms of behavior. He makes her "feel just like a little mouse", and it doesn't happen around most other men, "just him".

But she's much more than a girl with a crush. She's a pathologist at St. Bart's, and certainly not squeamish as she handles corpses on a daily basis. Somehow she manages to be bright and optimistic despite how much darkness she sees every day at work. She recently just broke off an engagement with a very nice bloke named Tom - you'll have to probe the mun's headcanon as to the reason(s) why.


[RP Account; take no credit for Molly Hooper, Sherlock, or Louise Brealey. This is just for entertainment. Muse and mun are over 21.]
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